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Para Niños

An important requirement for a child’s faith formation is following Jesus, imitating Him, and carrying on His ministry. Regular engagement with God’s Word is essential for informing, forming and transforming a child’s life. Parents are the principal influence in the faith formation of their children. When we provide inclusive opportunities for children to talk about, pray, sing, seek and serve Jesus with us, it considerably boosts their faith formation. Helping children identify God’s mission for their lives, and how to use their gifts and talents to fulfil His mission, is essential for the maturing of faith and the deepening of their relationships with Him.

Para los Adolescentes

Para la preparation de la Confirmacion, la comunidad y la catequesis para lo estudiantes de la escuela media y secundaria 

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For Young Adults

Faith is a journey that continues throughout our entire lives, and the years of young adulthood are no different.  We encounter the world in a new light, independent, and searching for answers and a place to belong.  St. Edward’s offers a community for young adults (18-35) who are seeking to grow in faith and community with other Catholic young adults.  We have partnered with two other local young adults groups and meet every Thursday evening.  Please contact Mason Fredenberg to learn more and to join us!

Para Adultos

Grupos de adultos para unirse en comunidad y aprender mas sobre la fe.

Outdoor Family Day

Para Todos

La parroquia de San Eduardo el Confesor tiene grupos para todas las edades para aprender mas sobre la fe y acercarse mas a quienes los rodean.

Escuela Parroquial

La escuela parroquial San Eduardo el Confesor es una escuela de prescolar al octavo grado dentro de la Dioceses de Orange, comparte las mision de la iglesia Catolica Romana de vivir el mensaje de la Evangelio fortaleciendo le fa Catolica a breves de una vida sacramental de servicio a Dios, la familia y la parroquia.


Mira lo mejor en entretenimiento católico

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