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A Call to Ministry

Every Christian, no matter who they are or what they do, are called to minister to others and make disciples. You could be a student, a business owner, a dog groomer, an athlete or some combination of all four, and you would still have the call by God to serve those around you and tell others about Jesus. Take a look at the rich tradition of ministries St. Edward the Confessor and San Felipe have to offer and consider trying something new.

2024 Ministry Calendar

Please check our ministry calendar to check for current ministry information and for direction on how to discern a call to start a new ministry.

Current Ministries

 For Adults 

Families of Nazareth

Contact: Ann Marie Eckl.          949-234-0476


Contact: Lupe Ojeda                 949-542-4313

Contact: Dan Abalos                  949-468-7242

Mental Health Support Ministry

Contact: Jill Redderson              949-584-8644

Surfin’ Scripture 

Contact: John Chis                    949-933-3734

Contact: Mike Chapman             949-547-0767

Wed Night Bible Study
Communion: Sick & Homebound

Contact: Elizabeth Meehan         949-246-1588 UC

Extraordinary Ministers HC

Contact: Rocco Falabella            949-240-8037


Contact: Maureen Walker            949-374-0506

Liturgical Environment

Contact: Gerry Holbert               949-492-5754


Contact: Bill McAndrew                                  


Contact: Rick Dellefield              949-429-2872


Contact: Maria Whelan               949-233-8288


Contact: Rosalie Kampmeier        949-443-4079

Binky Patrol

Contact: Marilyn Novak              949-338-2062

Respect Life

Contact: Alejandra Baker             949-690-7315

              Tami Vogler                  425-830-5328

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults-English

Contact:Lupe Ojeda                    949-542-4313

Rite of Christian Initiation Adapted For Children-English

Contact:Lupe Ojeda                     949-542-4313

Elementary School Faith Formation

Contact: Lupe Ojeda                    949-542-4313

Sacramental Preparation Classes

Contact:Lupe Ojeda                     949-542-4313

Servants of the Word (Tuesday Morning Bible Study)

Contact: Nancy McMillen                                 

Tuesday morning Bible Study meets weekly in Knight Hall for study and fellowship during the school year. Email Nancy for more information.

St. Vincent de Paul

Contact: Dennis Ettlin                 310-795-9507


Contact: Suzanne Luke                949-496-7209

Adoration Society

Contact: Deana Progar                 949-525-7092

Come worship and pray to the Heavenly Father with our Eucharistic Lord in the Exposed Blessed Sacrament during our 24-hour Adoration. Contact Deana: to sign up for an hour.

Circle of Praise    

Contact: Pam Conway                  949-661-0158

Disciples of Divine Mercy Cenacle

Contact: Deana Progar                 949-525-7092

Two Hearts Prayer Group

Contact: Pam Conway                   949-661-0158




Contact: Roseanne Arimenti     949-218-7062

Mary’s Gift Corner    

Contact: Suzanne Luke        949-496-7209

World Apostolate of Fátima: Our Lady's Blue Army 

Contact: Doris Young               949-291-0326           

 For Couples 

Marriage Enrichment

Contact: Bob & Mary Dausch    949-481-1102 

Marriage Preparation

Contact: Bob & Mary Dausch    949-481-1102 

Natural Family Planning   

Contact: Pam & Sean Tupy    949-375-1803

 For Families 

Contact: Lupe Ojeda                    949-542-4313

Elementary School Faith Formation    
Sacramental Preparation Classes

Contact: Lupe Ojeda                    949-542-4313

 For Youth 

High School Confirmation

Contact: Mason Fredenberg    949-429-2893      


Contact: Mason Fredenberg    949-429-2893      

Youth Ministry

Contact: Mason Fredenberg    949-429-2893      

Altar Servers



Contact: Bill McAndrew                                        

 For Men 

Knights of Columbus

Contact: Gabriel DelCastillo    213-379-6380

Bible and Basketball

Contact: Troy Dueker        949-310-0392

 For Women 


Contact:Tamara Jordan    949-547-8046                      

Prayer Shawl

Contact: Joia Smart                                                     

Mary’s Merry Widowed

Contact: Mela Larwood                949-606-2628           

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